Our company is built on the cornerstone of ‘P-S-P: People Service Profit’ as its core philosophy and our names sums it all up… “DEPENDABLE�?.

In today’s modern world of progress and growth, for a business partnership to thrive one of the key components is DEPENDABILTY. This is who WE are!

The “DEPENDABLE�? team comprises of members from varied backgrounds from the Express Shipping, Logistics and Trucking industry working in Senior Executive Roles including IT, Marketing and Engineering. Choosing to work with us locally or internationally gives you unlimited access to a talent pool of brilliant and committed individuals.

We endeavor to work with all our partners professionally by providing them with unmatched and unrivalled service with integrity, honesty, goodwill and a promise to support all their needs in a timely manner.


Our company provides flexible forklift/trucking rentals & leasing solution available 24x7

http://dependablelst.com/ has a vast selection of rentals (Forklifts/Trucks to meet your needs*)

Forklift/Trucking Rental-Leasing agreements etc. can be customized to suit your needs. Rental Terms are available for daily, weekly, monthly and annual in addition personalized tailor made solutions.

Businesses that require forklifts to be utilized 24/7 generally find Rental/Leasing a much better option. Servicing and maintenance costs are covered by the rental/leasing company leading to minimal investments and higher returns.

why dls?

  • No attachment of our asset’s, all 100% owned
  • Cost of rental flexible and customizable*
  • Negligible investment with greater profit margins
  • Lower overheads as we are responsible for all repairs*
  • Access to the latest equipment from the company’s inventory*
  • Avoid the tedious process of having to ensure well established credit in order to invest in high end equipment

*T.C Apply

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